Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nathan's First Big Catch

We started off our 4th of July weekend early on Friday morning - I got Nathan dressed in his American finery - he was willing to pose for me. 

We were out of basics (milk, eggs, bread) so we made a trip to the store and Nathan got a patriotic donut - he was so excited to eat it as you can see.  Mommy splurged and ate a donut too. 

After running around to the store and making and eating breakfast, Nathan took a short one hour nap, but he was ready to go fishing when we got to Mom and Dad's around 1PM.  It took awhile to get up to the lake because of traffic, but once we started to back the boat into the water...Nathan just started smiling. 

He was so ready to get going!  Once we started going fast he had to sit up by Kevin and Daddy because of the wind - it was good because Karen and I got soaked in the back.  I loved it!  Best part about fishing - cruisin' round the lake. 

Oh, and this is my 4th of July hat I bought with Karen and Melanie years ago that we wore to the Taste...I have never worn it with the strings down, but man, it was awesome not to have to worry about my hat while we were zippin' around. 

Here is Nathan with his first catch ever! He helped Daddy reel it in - he wouldn't even look at me, just kept staring at that fish - so proud! 

Nathan and I spend most of our time in the front of the boat - it was easier for me and him to sit really close that way, and he opened the live well for everyone as we caught fish - we got our limit, and it was fun to have Nathan along because we could catch a limit for him too! 
Here's our Captain!

And here's Auntie Karen with her big catch!

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