Thursday, July 15, 2010

The tator tot...

is getting bigger and wiser everyday. 

Last night he was talking to me, telling me about how he gave Daddy some beads, and I was listening, I wasn't looking at him though.  He kept saying, "Mom, are you listening to me?  Mom?  Mom?"  and I was saying, "yes Nathan, I heard you!"

Finally he comes over and goes, "Mom, Mom, look at me" and turns my head so I look at him and he goes, "Mom, are you listening?  Look at me, I gave Daddy some gold beads..." And I am like, "yes Nathan, I hear you."  :-)

Then later on he tells me "I like Mommy the best".  

I soaked that up! 

Because we all know that is not going to last forever with a father who hunts, fishes, plays video games, bikes, and can play soccer. 

He was also very specific this morning on what he wanted for breakfast - apple juice in sippy cup with ice, a banana, some cornbread, with butter, and the jelly that was "not hot" which he pointed out to me, and some apple sauce.  Pretty  healthy choices, so I let him have that. 

Today is going to be busy - I need to work on my grocery list so I can do my "stock up"shopping either tomorrow or Sunday and get that done.  Its going to be a three-tripper I think, with everything I want to get so I want to be really organized.  I also need to freeze some beans, and cross a few items off my to-do list, and take Nathan to the park or to Grandma's for an outing this morning!

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