Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is what summer is all about...

Tonight we made the first of the season BLT's - and let me tell you, the BLT is completely made by the tomato.  It's not the lettuce (filler), its not the bacon (which is always delicious however you have it), and its not the bread (vehicle to hold important stuff) -- it's the tomato.  So, you have got to have that freshly picked, vine-ripened, juicy tomato for that perfect BLT...and we did.  Yum.

Chris and I were talking tonight as we got supper ready about how we kind of feel bad because there are moments when we forget Evan is here...he is such a good baby right now - there have even been times already when we are doing some "tummy time" where he just decides to fall asleep instead.  Nathan would have never done that...In fact, I remember asking my mom shortly after I had Nathan, "Mom, are babies ever just awake and happy?"  Because, Nathan was always either eating, crying, or asleep...But Evan spends up to a half hour just chillin' with us...and barely makes a peep. 

Which has made this whole week amazing...yesterday Chris and I dropped Evan off with Grandma and went to lunch followed by a matinee.  With Evan only up really once (and a few times twice) a night (sleeping four hours at a time already), we really haven't been that tired.  And since we decided not to pull Nathan out of school for the few months I am home, only to put him back and confuse his schedule even more (and have to pay $$ to hold his spot), the days are calm. 

It was Evan's one week birthday!
I told him to smile for the camera and this is what I got...I think he is smirking at me already!

After we got home from the movie, I decided to take on the pile of cucumbers my mom gave me.  I wasn't planning on doing any more pickling, but since my mom gave me larger pickles, and I like to can in pints, I decided to cut the pickles to a matching length and then can them. 
I made nine pints!  Aren't they lovely?  I can't wait to try them...

Today Auntie Karen, Nathan and I went to the beach while Daddy stayed home with Evan.  What fun it was!  Blaine has a new beach (man-made), but it's great because it wasn't that crowded, it's free, and there is also a splash pad there.  Nathan had a great time today and met another little boy with his exact birthday (was very ironic).  We dug roads and drove trucks, made rivers, Karen and Nathan went swimming, ate snacks, drank iced tea and juice boxes, and relaxed in the warm summer sun. 

Tomorrow we head to the doctor for our one week checkup, and let me tell you, how refreshing is it for once it's not an appointment for me!  :-) 

We are looking forward to the weekend..we have a wedding two and a half hours away, so it will be our first excursion with a baby AND a toddler.

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  1. I hope I am so lucky with this one. And hope it lasts for you. I am hoping that with entertainment in the form of a big sister hopping around, this one will be a little happier and easier to deal with. Haylie was never happy unless held and in an upright position.

    Sounds nice with someplace to go in Blaine. The wavepool isn't much for little kids because you have to worry about the undertow. We might have to try that when we come next summer.