Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was reading something tonight about joy - because I have been thinking a lot about it lately...about moments where I have felt it...about people who seem to have it in spades...

So, what struck me was the line:  Joy makes us strong.

Many of my thoughts always go the other way, like:

-If I was stronger, then this wouldn't bother me ...
-If I didn't worry so much, then I could relax ...
-If I could just get everything done on my list, my day wouldn't be wasted...

but I think I have been wrong everytime I have thought things like that.  it IS the other way around. 

Joy makes us strong.

When I am joyful, no worry, no additional work, no detour from the plan can impact me! 

Bring on the joy!  (remind me to read this post tomorrow AM before my doctor's appointment)  :-)

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