Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tonight will be a week...

since I went into labor.  I can hardly believe it! 

Tomorrow our little boy will a week old.  It's been a week?  Both Chris and I keep thinking it was just a few nights ago I woke him up and we drove to the hospital.


Nathan really watching the candles on Grandpa's birthday cake on Friday night.  What a surprise it was to everyone to show up with a baby....

Blowing out Grandpa's candles he couldn't reach...

So sleepy....so peaceful...his cheeks are already filling out!
We turned on the sprinklers on Sunday for Nathan...at first he was scared, so Daddy had to throw him in!

But then he was fearless!

We snuggled while the boys napped...
all wet!
We did corn today! 

this is what Evan did while I did corn...man, was he a help!!

Look at those skinny legs!

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  1. It looks like things are going well! Evan looks so tiny, it's hard to remember when Anna was that small and it was just over a year ago! Looks like Nathan is adjusting well too! Can't wait to meet he new little guy!