Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winding down...

These two weeks I knew (if I was at work), I would have to spend them winding things down and handing things over. 

It's harder for me on some things than others...but I think some of the people I work for are seriously in denial.  Every night I make sure my desk is as cleaned as possible...for over two months I have been taking work home at night, working on my days off, and pushing pushing pushing people to get things done for me (which hasn't really been all that successful). 

Anyways, on Monday morning this week I had 11 piles!   *slightly annoyed*

Not to mention, there are still a few people who continue to want "new" things when I am rushing trying to get the "old" things done. 

So, today I started a "I don't think I am going to get to that" pile. 

it was nice.  it felt invigorating.  i thought about baby blankets for a few moments instead...little booties...onesies...late night feedings...the loss of time and caring about every second...i thought about how i would watch the school bus go by three times in the mornings and three times in the afternoon...

*sigh*.  I am ready baby to meet you.


  1. We're excited to hear the news! Hard to believe it's so close! Let the fun begin!

  2. how ironic i wrote this last night!