Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Be high!" and Animals

Nathan loves playing ball inside the house lately...he takes one and throws it in the air and yells "Be HIGH!" and laughs.  It's contagious!
I also taught Nathan how to eat an Oreo a few days ago...it is so cute because he always has to show me when he gets it apart!

Gigi has been so sweet the past couple of weeks...it's like she knows I have gone through a big change and that I just need a few extra cuddles each day.  (roary on the other hand, is barely around....)

Look at these two kitties!  I got the black one when I had Nathan, and the white one when I had Evan - my MIL made them. 

This is the Lion Karen gave Bo (I mean Evan) on Saturday.  Karen nicknamed the baby "Bo" months and months ago when I was talking to her about all my concerns and worries.  She said, "Baby Bo is just fine!  I know it!" and has been calling him "Bo" ever since. 

This is Evan's puppy made by Grandma...it has a nose, eyes and a mouth, but just like Gus, you can't see them!

12 days old....

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