Thursday, August 12, 2010

The daytime crew...

Yup, this is picture of the daytime, Gigi, and Evan.  Roary comes and goes, but Gigi and Evan, they are by me all day.  Here you can see we were all just chillin'.  (Yes, those are clothes on the floor that need to be put away, but today I felt like, why bother, someone is just going to wear them again soon, take them out of the nice drawer, and get them dirty and wrinkled...). 

Also, if I have washed, prewashed, soaked in all fabric bleach, stain-treated, and washed Nathan's clothes again, can I give up at trying to get the embedded daycare dirt stains out of his shirts?  

I thought I would get more done today than I did.  Whoops.  I didn't.  I went for a two mile walk to prove to myself I could.  I thought I would spend most of the time in prayer while I walked, talking to God about various things, but even then I got distracted by things like bugs. 

So, what do I have to show for the day?  Not really anything, although, Evan has been more alert this week, and he wants to be cuddled and held more, we have been doing that.  And yes, he does enjoy listening to talk radio with me...I am not sure who his favorite is..although, he slept really well yesterday during Hannity...and I don't even really like Hannity!  :-)  I was bad...I was downstairs watching Maury.  Yes, I watch Maury sometimes...makes me feel good...even if that show is made up, its like, dang, other people are messed up!  My life is good.  (L - don't shoot me for saying that!  :-))

Evan is cranking.  Not sure what is bothering him.  Guess I will go try singing or something.  Swaying?  Swaddling?  Sucking?  I think I forgot what all the 5 s's are...oh well. 

Maybe I will go to Grandma's.  That always helps.  Oh wait, he just calmed himself down.  Dang kid, you are way different than Nathan already....

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