Monday, August 2, 2010

First roadtrip with two littles...

We had a wedding this weekend - my cousin Heather's - one of two cousins on my Mom's side that we actually grew up with and played with - we have grown apart since, but it was still fun to see her get married. 

Here's Nathan all ready to go -- we put a video in and boy was that different! 

Here's actually the main reason I wanted to go to the wedding - to see my Uncle all dressed up!  I love my aunt and uncle - one of the few we all were close to.  We probably won't see him this dressed up again until his sons wedding!

Grandma with Nathan and Cousin Anna

Hanging out with Evan...

Oh you boys...Dad & Chris were so goofy that night! 

Me and Mom...

See all that gravy?  holy moly Grandma Speltz sure does know what Nathan likes!  :-) 

Okay, so he definately does NOT get this from his father...but Nathan kept asking and asking if he could go dance...he loved it! 

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