Wednesday, August 25, 2010

High on catnip and chrome!

I got some veggies (some being a relative term, can we say 18 cups of freezer carrots done!) last night, and with it came some fresh catnip from my mom's garden.  I couldn't figure out at first why the cats wanted the veggies so much, until I remembered the catnip!

Gigi was seriously getting high on this stuff...

Roary sticking his head in the bag to get more...
Gig was acting like a limp noodle...usually she gets all tight and squirmy when you pick her up...last night she was just like, "whatever man..."
Did I mention Roary was sniffing the bag?  Oh guess what, he got it wrapped around his neck, freaked out, and ran away. I couldn't even get close enough to get it off him - Chris had to help!
Nutty cats...
Enjoying a spot of sun....

One of the things that has been on my list for awhile was to figure out how to restore our chrome to its old glamour.  And I don't mean just getting the hard water scale off...I mean, I want all the stains off -- do you see them on the picture below?  They drive me nuts!  I have tried all sorts of products, and while some of them help remove the scale, they don't remove the stain:

LimeAway - FAIL
SeeSpray/LOC Bath - FAIL
Mr. Clean Dry Erasers - FAIL
Dryer sheets - FAIL
Vinegar - FAIL
Vinegar/Lemon Juice - FAIL

Oh, but after trying many of the above suggestions (some from the internet), I finally found a combo that works:

Mr. Clean Dry Eraser + Kitchen Glass Stovetop Cleaner + Elbow Grease =


Yae!  Only like 5 more faucets/fixtures to go...


  1. I was a little concerned that you were getting high on chrome while your cats were getting high on catnip....glad to see you're just cleaning it! You have an emaculate house! Come clean our chrome!

  2. LOL! I was breathing in some fumes let me tell ya!