Monday, August 16, 2010

I keep thinkin'...

of interesting things to write about..and then life gets in the way. 

For example, I didn't think I would be comparing what credit cards have the best cash back rewards today (because Target is changing their rewards policy, so we will no longer be using their Visa everywhere) but I just spent an hour doing that. 

And I didn't think I would get excited about Daisy (you know, give 'em a dollup of Daisy...the sour cream makers) coming out with a cottage cheese, but I really am, because there isn't crap in it like Kemps has!

And I didn't think shopping with Evan when he is only three weeks old was going to be this easy (because I NEVER did that with Nathan...are you kidding?)...but it was almost like he wasn't even along.  (We will see what I think later when I go back to the store with Evan AND Nathan...good thing I can bribe Nathan with cookies). 

So, I did think of some interesting things to blog about, but I forgot them.  Just like how I forgot to put a stamp on the letter I put in the mailbox this morning...only to have our mailman leave it behind with a small "?" written on the letter where the stamp should be.  whoops.  clearly, maternity leave does cause some spacy-ness. 

The weekend was good and busy.  I firmly believe that "idle hands are the devil's playground" because whenever I am not busy my mind wanders and I worry about things that aren't going to happen.  So, Saturday we got a ton done.  Kevin came over and helped Chris mow lawn, trim, fix my oven (was a horrible stain on the inside glass that was driving me bonkers), show the car to yet another potential buyer, and wash my carpeted steps with the steam cleaner.   I managed to clean the basement.  

Clean oven glass door! 

Karen brought over MORE veggies (third delivery in a week) so I chopped beans and blanches green peppers for winter chile's and soups as well.  It was BUSY!

But then, after that, we partied.  and I mean, had a GOOD TIME.  There may have been Margaritas involved.  And a Coca-cola for Nathan...and pretzels...and homemade juicy lucy's....and more Margaritas...

And as we made the burgers after a hard day's was simply time to relax...

Oh how good were good....

Everyone was enjoying the night...

Sunday was a busy day as well, but not in the work sense for me (Chris worked on our rental property the whole day, and wasn't home).  I watched the kids and worked on my hardanger project:

I am alittle disappointed with this pattern since there is so much cross-stitch involved and not as much hardanger...I used to cross-stitch, but now I find it boring...hopefully that part will go fast! 

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