Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning Mosquitos...

I am so tired of the stinkin' mosquito...on my walk this morning I thought if I walked fast enough, they wouldn't get me...yeah right!  I have a huge bite underneath my wrist where I was holding the stroller...it was probably the only part of me that wasn't moving. 
I am totally craving a hard frost...kill the little buggars, kill the humidity!...let the fall roll in with its crunchy leaves and cool dry air...I want to open the windows and bake apple pies and butternut squash.  So, yes, that is my house with the pumpkins outside of it screaming, "Welcome Fall!  Hurry Hurry!"

Today is my last day of short term disability.  Which means, tomorrow Evan is six weeks old.  Seems a little crazy to me...I think having a baby in the summer goes by much faster than having a baby in the winter...Evan has done so much more than Nathan did in his first six weeks..he's been to the beach three times, splash parks, more walks then I can count, and just hanging outside with Mom chillin'...man, it's gone fast!

I've also had time to work on projects and work on getting back in shape.  I started running again Friday - finally felt up to it, and man, a 12 minute mile was easy!  I ran for over 15 minutes, and did a couple sprints at 6 mph because that is my goal (10 minute miles!)...did it again on Monday, and NOT SO EASY.  I could barely make it...at about 4 minutes into it I thought:  clearly I have been running for 10 minutes, right?  I felt like it!  MWF I run, T and R I walk, and Saturdays and Sundays I have off...we'll see how this goes. 

This is my applique project I started back in April...you cut out the pieces on special paper, iron them onto the fabric, and cut them out.  I really enjoyed this part...

Then you put the pieces onto the background in this pattern - it's an "easy" way to create a stained glass look...you have to use a sunny window though since the background is black...
Almost done - I finished this part and ironed it permantely in place - now I have to quilt it...which, I am a little nervous about so I put it off...

Did I capture an elusive smile?  I think so!

Hangin' out at Grandma's! 

These two are silly!

While I was at Grandma's on Saturday, I got a little more done on my hardanger...as you can see, the cross-stitch part is almost completed -- thank goodness!  I was getting dang tired of it. 

This is Evan during our walk today...fortunately, no mosquitos got him!

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