Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Water water everywhere!

Nathan had his final swimming lesson on Monday night....he has enjoyed it so much, and gotten so much better with everything in the water, I am actually considering signing him up again the next time they offer it (not offered this fall, which is a bummer!). 

So happy to be swimming with we walked into the pool area with Grandma on Monday night, he said to her, "Grandma, I have to go with Daddy now..."  So adorable!

Putting his head back and relaxing!

We went out to dinner for a treat afterwards....Nathan got a dessert shot!

Tuesday was a wash.  I did nothing.  I was emotional...etc..etc...but, today we went to the beach.  I kept Nathan home from school and we had a great time in the sun! 

Auntie Karen with Anna and Nathan

Mommy and Nathan practicing our splashing skilz!

Group shot - except for Karen taking the pic...(Evan is in the stroller in the back...)

Splashing in the fountains on the way out....

I would blog more, but Evan is calling me!

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  1. Yay for swimming lessons! Glad he loved them. Looks like you had fun at the beach...I don't know many moms of tiny tiny babies who can wear bikinis just weeks after they are born and look great! You go hot mama!