Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a day and it's only 3 PM...

Last night I went to bed rather upset about something, so I slept with Nathan for a few hours.  Now I am thinking, probably not a good idea, because at 10AM this morning I got a call from daycare because Nathan had gotten sick. 

He kept down some juices and bumpers for about four hours since then, but he just got up from his nap and got sick again.  I heard something like this has been going around and it's short-lived, so hopefully by tomorrow this will be over.

It is kind of sad though, because it means no fishing trip tomorrow for Chris and I.  And it also means MORE laundry for me...did I mention I washed all of Nathan's bedding yesterday and hung it outside to dry so it smelled awesome?  Argh. 

So, I didn't get anything done today other than taking care of my littles, but that is okay.  Daddy cancelled his plans for the evening too so hopefully I can rest later!

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