Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy weekend away...

Chris was on a fishing trip this past weekend, so me and the kids packed it up and went to Grandma's early Friday afternoon.

I picked Nathan up from daycare and he was in the preschool room having lunch - how ironic was it (but good) that I had to be carded since the teachers there didn't recognize me (one of them was new - only there two weeks).  Nathan seemed to be doing really well and fitting right in -- which I knew he would since he is the last one his age to be moving up from the toddler room.

Not happy - lotioned up before we left!
Once Grandma got home, we did chores...
Feeding birds...
Riding around...

Dad planted these cute little pumpkins (not gourds) this year...the white ones are gourds though...I loved how I set these up, but of course, the crazy cats have already started knocking them down. 

I didn't take many other pictures the rest of the weekend...too busy I guess with things! 

We are excited (and slightly tired already) for the busy week we have planned.  Chris and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary Saturday, we are having dinner with friends Thursday and Friday night, and we have dentist and doctor appointments, and a coffee visit during the week. 

I also had my class Saturday (quilting) and fell in love with some new fabrics they had there.  I have this desire that just keeps growing with each day to run back down there and buy some and figure out something to make with it!

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