Friday, September 10, 2010


My mom is a moon watcher. 

When I lived at home, I really didn't care about the moon.  But once I moved out, when I looked up at night and saw the moon, I thought about home and my mom, and so I started to watch the moon.

And I am now a moon watcher.

But, I never really have understood the thing.  Like, why does it sometimes rise in the morning and set at night?.. and which way is waning and which way is waxing (I think I learned this in 8th grade but forgot it now).

But, then I found a cool app for igoogle, that shows me the moon phases every minute of the day.  And considering that I pretty much google something at least once a day, I can see the moon phases now.

But, that still didn't explain the moonrise/moonset thing, so then I found this website which shows me the times by month, by area:

It's sweet.

And did you know that on earth it takes the moon around 29 days to complete a cycle, but if you were in space, it would only take 27 days?  That is because the earth is rotating and so is the moon, so it takes longer when you look at it from earth because we are moving.  Fascinating! 

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