Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nathan Update

An update on my little tator tot:

-Been going #1 AND #2 in the potty this week

-Has been demanding he wear underwear to bed (Mommy is not that brave yet, however, so the underwear goes OVER the diaper)

-Tells us to "pause my show" when it's time for dinner...where the heck did he learn that?  Then, he checks to make sure it is "paused"...

-Likes to go into the cupboard and get himself a few fig newtons (sometimes without asking...ut oh!)...often leaves Trucker in there in the mornings, poor Trucker...


-Wanted to share the pillow the other night with Evan...I turn around and Evan has a pillow over him covering his entire body...

-Is moving up to preschool in a few weeks (my baby is in preschool?  what?!)

-Is learning Christmas songs...his favorite to sing: Jingle Bells, his favorite for me to sing:  Rudolph

-Has been feeding himself at dinner the past three nights (slight regression there after Evan was born)...

Nathan's favorite dinner...fried sunfish!

-Tells me Oreos are his favorite, after fig newtons...and he likes the brown oreos better than the black ones...(or the yellow ones better than the blue ones, if you go by the packaging color)...

-If we are out of something he says, "Mommy, you need to go to the store" I tell you!

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