Friday, September 10, 2010

Spending time with Nathan this afternoon...

Nathan needed new shoes, so I picked him up from daycare rather early to go shopping.  Here are some snippits from our conversations...the things that he says lately just surprise me!

As we left daycare

Mommy:  Nathan, we are going to go to Grandma's to get some tomatoes, and then to the store to get new shoes
Nathan:  Oh-tay!  Mom - Mommy - Mom.  Yesterday I picked tomatoes at Grandma's.  Big uns and ittle uns.
Mommy:  how many did you pick?
Nathan:  Lots and lots!  Big uns and ittle uns!  Mom - this way is to Grandma's, that way is to home.

Conversation after going to Grandma's, getting the tomatoes, and getting a milk dud:

Mommy:  Nathan, what did you do at school today?...Nathan, are you excited to get new shoes?...Nathan, are you listening?
Nathan:  (silence)
Mommy:  Nathan, why aren't you talking to Mommy?
Nathan:  Whys?  Because I have chocolate in my teeth Mom.  I am trying to get it out.

Conversation on the way to Target

Nathan:  Mom, are we going to the store?
Mommy:  Yes.  Should we get a container for all your new train stuff?
Nathan: Yeah Mom! That is a really good idea...(since when did he know what an "idea" is?!)

Nathan: Mom, are we going to Target?
Mommy:  Yes...  What does Target have Nathan?
Nathan:  Red circles and balls!
Mommy:  And what else?
Nathan:  Cookies.  I love cookies.  They are my favorite. 
Mommy:  Oh...I didn't know that...
Nathan:  I have lots and lots of favorites Mom. 

Conversation after getting shoes at Kohl's and some naughtiness

Mommy:  Nathan, we don't run around in the store.  You have to stay by Mommy.  There are naughty people out there that are not nice, and they could take you away.  Some people are bad.  So you have to stay by Mommy to be safe.  Okay?  Do you understand?
Nathan:  No, I don't.  I don't understand Mom.
Mommy: Why don't you understand?
Nathan:  Whys?  Because Mom, if I understand, I will be nervous.

That sad part is, Nathan is right...

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