Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian summer...

It was so warm in our house last night I had to turn on the air was 80 degrees downstairs, our bedroom was roasting, and there was no breeze!  I am definately ready for my nice cool fall weather back. 

Evan posing next to his lion...

Our oak trees in the backyard have turned into this lovely red...making me wish all of my crummy poplars were big oaks. 

We had a busy weekend with friends - both Friday and Saturday night we had people over for dinner.  And on Thursday we were babysitting for my brother's kids, so three nights in a row our table was full -- it was a good time had by all but I am excited for a quiet evening at home. 
making cookies for guests on friday...

I just realized I have nothing exciting or interesting to blog about...Chris and his dad are blowing out our sprinklers (along with Nathan's nap today..ut oh!), Evan is fussin' but will soon just conk out, and the cats are napping next to me under the bed.
Hanging out with brother...

Oh yeah...and I finally finished this today! 

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