Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jupiter and are the kids really stupider?

that big star in the eastern sky at night close to the horizon?  I have been wondering about it for a few's too bright to be a star...and I finally googled it and found out its not...  It's Jupiter. 
Nathan, Evan and I went with Grandma to my high schools homecoming parade on Friday afternoon.  It was fun!

But the teenagers scared the crap out of me.  I suddenly felt the urge to lock my kids away forever. 

And I felt the band geek in me mixing with the mother and successful career working wife in me wanting to kick the snot out of those little teenage girls walking around with shorts shorter than my underwear and their high heel hooker boots. 

And the boys.  Attitudes there as well.  How my sister teaches kids like this is beyond me.  I would fail them all. 

We took Nathan to the park afterwards behind the elementary school and three high school boys were there.  Nathan was crawling through a tunnel and then went up a ladder so he could go down a slide.  Do you think the high school boy standing at the top of the ladder would move?  Nope.  just stood there.  in Nathan's way.  looking like the biggest dork ever. 

Nathan wasn't having it.  He turned around and left after he figured the big waste of space wasn't going to move and let him go down the slide. 
Why he decided to suddenly to pretend to be a cat I dunno....

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