Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leafy laughter!

On Thursday I felt like I needed to be a better parent.  So I was. 

First I took the kids to Fleet Farm to see their "Toyland" was always so much fun looking at toys when I was little...Nathan loved it too...

He was so funny - he kept asking why things were out of place and then he would put them back...

Trying out the sleds....
 After our visit there, we went to the park at the elementary school, but Nathan had to go potty right away, so we left and "broke" into Grandma's house which was close by...of course, while we were there, we had to go outside and play in the leaves. 

Nathan giving Evan kisses!

Windy and fun!

 Since Daddy was out for the evening, Nathan and I splurged and got Taco Bell.  He really wanted to eat at the Taco Bell though, and was disappointed we didn't.  He said, "But Mom, they have tables in there you can sit on..."
Our picnic party
 Then it was time for bed...but Nathan didn't have much for a bed since I washed all his sheets that day.  He helped me carry the basket upstairs to make his bed...

Then he sat in the basket afterwards...which reminded me of this picture how three years have flown by!

Nathan - four months old

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