Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me: 1 Leaf Blower: 0

When I got up yesterday morning, I knew it was the day where the landscaping work needed to be done. 

The forecast for the rest of the week was sounding crazy:  rain, rain, wind, wind, cold, snow, sleet, and then maybe back up to 60 for the weekend....no thanks.

I went and got my Guide to Minnesota Gardening book, which I have referenced about 20 times, and went out and did some fall cleanup...the lilies got chopped, same with Shasta Daisies, Echinea (can't think of how to spell that correctly at the moment), and Black-eyed Susans (except for three which still were full of blooms)...some other plants got trimmed and I pulled out the dead and the leaves etc...etc...

Then I went and got the leaf blower...and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to work that thing.  There are pictorial instructions on the dang thing, but do you think that would work for me?  Nope.  So, I called hubby and he didn't answer, so I called my brother, and he told me what to do...

I was supposed to "prime" or something to the engine by pushing this red button a couple times.  It filled with gas, but it didn't make the dang thing start.  I was frickin' annoyed because all of the leaves from across the way were piled up in my landscaping and I needed this thing to work. 

So, I called up hubby again and he answered.  He tells me he never pushes the red button thingy and it always starts for him alittle on the full choke, then go to half choke and it really goes....argh...I kept asking, how many times do I have to pull that stupid cord?  I had already pulled it like 30 times trying different things.  And he says I probably flooded the engine or something by pushing that dang red button thingy. 

Even more annoyed now.  I put the thing down and went and tended to the roses.  Then I went and got a rake, and I started raking. 

I went back to the leaf blower, determined not to let that stupid thing beat me.  I put the thing at half choke, left it on the ground, put my foot on it, and started pulling the cord.  I think I pulled it about 10 times and then I heard something!  I just kept pulling and pulling it and FINALLY the stupid thing started up.
Oh man, did it stink at first...clearly I had done something wrong...too much gas or priming or whatever...but once it burned that out, it was fine. 

I would go take pictures of my fine work...but it is Winnie the Pooh blustery out...so no thanks.  I am staying in today.

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