Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Single parenting...

Is hard. 

Chris is finally back home safe and sound from hunting, and even though I spent a majority of the weekend at my Mom's, I am exhausted! 

I also had to grade papers this weekend, which I thought I did a great job on, but alas, my average was too high so the professor is going to adjust - which I feel terrible about because rarely do my grades ever have to be adjusted.  Oh well.  Moving on. 

Nathan was quite the chatterbox last night.  After I picked him up from school we ventured to Michael's so I could find some bamboo.  On the way to Michael's our convo was like this:

Nathan: Mommy, this is the way to Grandma's.  Are we going to Grandma's?
Me:  No, we are going to the store.  Grandma and Grandpa are in New Mexico.  That is far away.
Nathan:  But not Gus! (Gus is their dog)
Me:  Yes, Gus went too...
Nathan:  Oh man!!

Once we got into the store, he found a loose bead.  I told him  he could have it.  It was hilarious, because he kept dropping this tiny bead, and then he would run after it, going "gotta get it!  its getting away!  gotta get it!"

After that we went to Cub Foods, which of course he loves due to 1. Free cookie, and 2.  The little kid carts.

He told me "Mom, first we go down there to get bananas."  So we did.  And we got some pears, some salad, and a cookie.  That was it.  Nathan did really well driving the cart while I pushed the stroller and Evan.

We were reading bible stories last night, and I told Nathan to read them to me.  He doesn't really know the stories yet, so he was repeating what I was reading. We got to the part where Jesus is praying in the garden the night before he dies and I read, "Jesus was in the garden.  He was praying." 

Nathan repeats, "Jesus was in the garden.  He was picking pumpkins!" 

I was laughing so hard I couldn't read anymore.  I know Jesus was laughing too. 

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