Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three months is such a short time...

to believe there was ever a world without Evan....

Just a few nights ago he decided he was really going to start talking to us...he watches me so intently as I talk, and he smiles, and laughs, and tries to make his mouth do the same sounds I am doing.  Of course, his sounds are much cuter than mine, and sometimes I just want to eat him up.  

Sometimes my kids are like drugs I cannot get enough amazes me that there is this love in my heart that I never knew could exist before...

Of course, a three month birthday deserves a photo shoot!  Not anything fancy, mind you, but nevertheless:

Evan's head always cocks to one side, so I have been working with him on stretching it out and turning him the other way.  He laughs when we do stretches - he thinks it's funny. 

He is actually getting "harder" (not exactly the right word but whatever) -- which is so different because when Nathan was a baby most of the time everything got easier...but now Evan demands much more attention and wants to play...and I don't mind doing it one bit.  Yesterday he was awake from 12:30 - 5:30...busy boy!

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