Monday, November 22, 2010

The night before...

When I was little, one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving was the night before.   And I realize, it still is.... 

The house would start to smell marvelous, and the anticipation that birthdays and Christmas soon followed was almost too much.  I would wake up early on Thanksgiving morning, find the box containing my Christmas ornaments, and look at them before Kevin or Karen got up.  hee hee.  i felt so sneaky....

When I got a little older, I decided that our basement (where my bedroom was) needed some more Christmas decorations.  So, the night before Thanksgiving I would get out and/or make paper decorations and hang them up all over the place.  And I made hundreds of things...snowflakes that hung from ceilings, paper garlands that hung all around, from wall to wall.  I made a Toy Shop with elves making all sorts of toys, there was Santa pulling his eight reindeer plus Rudolph, and one of my favorite walls was made of up of Christmas cookies I had traced from my mom's cookie cutters.   Kevin and Karen often helped me, but my older brother never cared or was into it. 

I did that for a long time...all the way into college, when the night before Thanksgiving took on even more would be the  night Chris would come home from college for the holidays!  And even if I only got to see him for a few hours and then the next day he was with family and so was I, it was usually so exciting because we were both so busy in the falls we rarely saw each other until this time. 

A few years later when we were both working, we went to a Wild game on the night before Thanksgiving, a rare treat for us both at the time...and we won the game, and as we were leaving, it was the first snow of the season.  Magical. 

For some reason, I really seem to remember each year the night before Thanksgiving. 

Now, don't think everything is always perfect...I remember some very sad and stressful nights before Thanksgiving too.  The year I was sick and couldn't figure out why...I remember putting decorations up and getting them soaked with tears...the year my mom was sick and had just had surgery...the year my dad broke his back and Nathan was four weeks old and I was miserable...the thing is, on all those bad nights, no matter what, the night ended and we all got together the next day and had Thanksgiving...and even if there was some worry or sadness in our hearts, we found room to laugh, and smile, and thank God for everything in the midst of it.

I wonder what the night before Thanksgiving holds in store for us this sounds like it will be chilly and cold, that's for sure!

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  1. The night before Thanksgiving, 8 years ago, was the first time Brian and I had talked in a long time, maybe since high school...and it was the start of what is now. I also remember the night before Thanksgiving fondly...glad to hear your fun! I am so excited for this weekend, Brian always makes me wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving Thursday. So this is the big weekend!!