Thursday, November 11, 2010

S'cago here we come...

That's where we are headed today....(Chicago) and the boys are headed to Grandma's. 

It was a pretty stressful night...for once I headed to bed early, finally relaxed after a really stressful Monday and Tuesday, and fell asleep with Roary next to peaceful...only to be woken up a half hour later by a husband, a poopy diaper in my face, and talking. 

Once I fell back asleep, I was woken up again by a horrible cough coming from Nathan...then he would gag, cough, cry...finally it subsided and he slept until 6:30...but he has a pretty bad cold.  I was worried we wouldn't be able to go to Chicago, but there is no fever, just congestion and runny nose, and he is still a very active boy, so I think we are good to go. 

I turned to my bible last night when the worries in my head seemed so overwhelming at the moment that I couldn't even sort out which ones to start worrying about first.  I opened a random page and just started reading it...and it was a psalm about trusting God, always, no matter what, even when it seems hopeless...

I knew it was true, but last night I just couldn't pull myself out of the gutter...I needed someone to come and help me. 

Cutest butt ever!

I think I may be still in the gutter a little bit this reminds me that when I am feeling good...I need to make sure I pull others out of the gutter, because they may need a lift that day.... 

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