Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for...

So many things the list probably cannot do justice...but here are a few:

My husband and boys

My sister and that she is home safe and sound from a treacherous night driving last Saturday

My brother and Dad home safe from hunting

A wonderful father and mother in law who do little things for us all the time, like take my car to the shop or make Nathan a pair of pants

Digital pictures

Warmth from my fireplace and blankets to curl up in

Pooping in the potty

Kitties, especially a certain orange one and a certain grey one

Our jobs

My mom and her attitude - never doubting, always having faith, always trusting God

My "can tell them anything" friends

My working Mom friends, who understand what I am going through and don't judge

Beer and red wine

Horrible Christmas songs you can make fun of and leave on your sister's voicemail

Loosening the belt buckle after Thanksgiving dinner...


Opportunities that both scare and delight me at the same time...

Fabric and thread and yarn and projects...

I am heading over to Mom's tomorrow...hopefully before the snow flies, so I won't be checking in anytime soon to the blog...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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