Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trip to Chicago...Part II

After our visit at the House on the Rock, we had a three hour drive to Chicago.  We made good time and got there around 3:30, checked-in and showered, and left around 4:15 for our friend's place which was only 11 miles away...however, only in Chicago will it take you over an hour to go 11 miles!  Although, part of that was our fault for getting lost because a road was closed...but eventually we made it!

So happy to finally see her!
Shamu (the black cat below) was so happy to see me too. Back in the days when this one company made what we called "au jus", I would bring Shamu cans of Au Jus as a treat...

However, this cat was NOT happy to see me.  Somehow she remembered that the last time I saw her (over a year ago) I gave her hugs.  Look at her though...her tail is so fluffy...and she is so pretty...argh...I just want to hold her and pet her but she will have nothing to do with me.  Boo.


After we briefly saw the cats, we had a great dinner at the Melting Pot and were in food comas when we left.  The next day we met for some Dunkin' Donuts, saw a few things, including the Museum of Science and Industry.

They had a lot of trains!

Chris saw a special the day before we left on Chicago Italian we set out for the worlds best Italian beef after the museum...

I was the only one who wasn't extremely impressed - everyone else was just raving over how NOM NOM the sandwiches were...
They were drenched in au jus.  Seriously.  They dunk the suckers. 

So happy for his sammy....
After that we headed home and seriously, five minutes into the door and the wine was being poured...we played games..talked...laughed...ate junk...and just as I was settling in and thinking how great it all was it ended.  *sigh*
I guess that is what makes it so great...the fact that it happens so rarely
and is a real treat.  It is that sweet kind of, after the holidays are over and you feel so blessed...yet you know you have to let it go until the next time...

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