Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What kind of blog would this be

without a post about my kid's pooping? 

I dunno.   Maybe a normal one? 

But it has been such a loooonnnnngggg process with us this summer I am so relieved to say I think it is finally over. 

It started in May...Nathan started going on the potty and wearing underwear.  Well, after two accidents in the underwear, he decided "this is not for me!" and started to hold EVERYTHING...we completely stopped the potty training in order to get him to not be afraid...

It took about a week for him to realize that it is pretty much impossible to hold #1.  Fortunately, that was short lived. 

However, he found it was much easier to prevent #2 from happening.  From the end of May until after July 4th, Nathan held it whenever he could....for up to a week at times.  It eventually got so bad that Chris and I had to force the issue a few times - there was much crying and tears all around.  Even Daddy said he couldn't stand to see Nathan that way.  For some reason, the day after July 4th Nathan decided it was okay to go again...I was never so happy to change poopy diapers, let me tell you.

Fast forward to the end of August, and he starts potty training again and is making great progress...out comes the underwear and success all around but Nathan once again decides pooping is just not for him.  He says, "I don't like it.  I don't want it to come out." and that he'll "go maybe tomorrow." 

We tried everything.  Oh, when you mention this to other parents, the advice comes pouring in, let me tell you:  Did you try this?  Do that?  Give this?  Give that?  Bribery?  Big treats?  Special presents?  Vacation to Disneyworld? 

Finally, two weeks ago, after enduring a night of Nathan sitting on the potty for two hours saying to himself, "No butt, don't hurt me butt, no I don't want to go..." (which was the only humorous part of the night for Chris and I) and crying and screaming at me, and then GOING, I gave up.  I was ready to go to the doctor and get him on laxatives.   I  made the appointment the next day. 

The day following that, Nathan came home and said he went at daycare.  I didn't believe him.  Either did Daddy.  Which is why we had to confirm with his teacher who said, "yup, went and it wasn't an issue."  Clearly we thought:  FLUKE.

Until later that night, when Nathan went upstairs, called Daddy up, no tears, no drama, and went.  I was seriously thinking WTF.   He went again and again as the days followed, thus, no appointment with the doctor was necessary...

Fast forward to yesterday, two weeks of Nathan going regularly, on his own, on the big potty, without issue.  He came home, said, "Mommy, I have to go poopy, and I don't need your help.  I can do it all by myself."  And he did. 

And so, I think the battle is over.  And the good thing is, everyone wins.

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