Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fishing frenzy!

I really enjoy ice fishing - I got to go out on Sunday....
Hubby in his gear...

Our fearless leader!!  He got a new truck this year so it is WAY WAY more comfy riding in the back now...

First you have to unload, as we don't drive on the ice yet...

Then we walk and pick a spot...I let the men all handle this...

Then you set up...that's Kevin with his fishhouse! 

You also meet friends along the way...my father in law was already out there, and caught his limit!  This is a picture of his house...

Then you drill your hole...

And get set-up!  Kevin uses the Vexlar to see where the fishies are...

The water and ice are really pretty....

But not as pretty as big crappies!  This guy was so fun to pull up!

Here's Kevin...fishing!  Chris and my dad fished in the other house...

Here's our fishes!
Overall, a really fun day.  I can't wait to go again!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What did the cow in the manger say?

To Baby Jesus in the hay?
Moo, moo, moo, moo, Baby Jesus we love you!

Nathan had his Christmas program on Monday night, and it was such fun to watch him up there singing.   All families had to bring 12 cookies, so Nathan helped me maked his cookies on Sunday afternoon.  He was putting the m&m's in...can you tell?

They sang four songs at his show, God Our Father, Baby Jesus We Love You, This Little Light of Mine (a shorter rock version) and Rudolph. 

He was so funny up there...kept putting his hands in his pockets...the boys sang some of the time, but the girls were all into singing up there...it was cute. 

Rudolph was by far my favorite...and the hat he got to wear was awesome... 

It has been a really busy week - it just flew by...I can hardly believe in a week Christmas will be upon us....

I received a Christmas card this week from a friend that I loved loved loved!  It was one they made themselves, and in it they talked about how even though they had a crummy year, they were excited to celebrate Jesus' birth and his coming to save us.  And it ended like this:

Satan, sin and death defeated.  Forever.

It just made me so peaceful...just that simple reminder...this is what Christmas is!  He came.  He saved us.  It all ends well. 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes you forget

how blessed you are. 

It's so easy to get caught up into everything, into wanting more, into complaining, into whining...

But then things remind you of how lucky you are...

Today Chris went and volunteered for a couple hours and made bags of food for kids. His team made enough bags of food to feed 64 children for a year. I can't even imagine how horrible I would feel if I didn't have food to feed my kids.

and also today, we got news of someone in our family who is going through their third miscarriage...their doctor expects it to happen right around Christmas.  I can't imagine how hard it is going to be for them and is for them...

So, the next time when Evan is screaming, Nathan is throwing things and whining, the pot of potatoes is boiling over and the phone is ringing, instead of me looking up to the sky and wondering "why me?!"....

I am going to look up to Heaven and say "thanks!!" instead.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cleary, they couldn't survive without me.


As busy as I am, after being in the office only four (that's right, 4!) days, you would think they would just fall to pieces if I wasn't there.

I know that's not the case, but man, it seems like it!

I guess it is good to be wanted. 

I guess.

(I have to go now, because Chris is making fun of me and how I type...)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A day of milestones....

I am feeling quite chipper right now...

I wrote on a friend's facebook wall today to congratulate her (her daughter rather) on sitting up.  I said something like, "that's awesome...Evan still doesn't even want to roll over yet."  Nathan rolled over so early (at two months) I feel like Evan is behind (even though he's not). 

Only then he did it for me an hour later!

I totally missed it...Nathan and I were baking cookies in the kitchen, and I had set Evan down on his tummy with three toys in front of him.  He was awfully quiet, so I looked out to the family room about 10 minutes later and there he was, on his back, all happy, sucking his thumb.  I was like, "did you roll over?!"  I was so excited.  I even sat there for awhile second guessing myself...did I put him that way?  Am I sure I put him on his tummy...maybe I didn't...but I totally remember setting him that way and putting toys in front him and saying something like, "work on your crawling now bud....". 

Then, on another note, and I have been meaning to share this for awhile, just in case there is anyone out there like me, I hit a milestone on my jogging today. 

Two miles:  Twenty minutes, 25 seconds.  Personal best ever!

*happy dance*

I have been exercising since September 1st, the day of my post partum checkup.  I would jog three times a week (MWF), and walk with Evan two miles a week (T,R), and have weekends off. 

I really hate jogging on the treadmill.  But I really wanted to be able to do a 10 minute mile...it is just something I think everyone should be able to do.  After about a month, I could do a 10 minute mile.  I was excited...but then, I seem to hit a wall. 

You know.  THE WALL. 

I would try to go farther, or faster, and no matter what, about 11 minutes, or 12 minutes, I wouldn't be able to....I started to get frustrated with the entire thing in November. 

Then, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we had a nurse come to our house to do insurance physicals.  Everything of mine was normal...but when she checked out my husband, his resting pulse was amazing...she goes, "you are a runner or something, aren't you?"  It made me mad.  Here I was, working really hard (or so I thought), and she couldn't tell.  Nevermind my weight was lower than my pre-pregnancy weight that day, I was still not really in shape. 

After she left, Chris went to work and I went upstairs and pouted.  And then I got mad.  So I hauled my butt down to the treadmill and I kicked my ass. 


I know my problem most of the time is mental.  And that's what I needed.  That day I did two miles in 23 minutes, 50 some seconds.  It sucked.  It hurt.  I was soaked.  I hated it. 

But I was proud afterwards. 

Since then I have been working on not being so hard on myself...focusing more on distance than time, and not giving myself a hard time if I walk for a bit, jog for a bit, walk for a bit. 

Last week I did two miles in 21 minutes, 10 seconds. 

Sometimes it is really hard.  On Monday, the first day I worked, I came home and tried to jog.  I could only go for 13 minutes.  At first I was angry at myself...but then I was like, "hey, 13 minutes after working all day?  that's awesome for you."

On Thursday, I didn't feel like running.  I didn't feel good.  I had a headache.  I felt icky.  I jogged for three minutes and quit.  Mentally, it wasn't going to happen.  I didn't let it bother me.  I said, "you'll do better next time..."

And that time was today.  And I did. 

Now hand me the Christmas cookies please....i deserve one! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Everytime I start to blog...

I curl up next to the heat vent.  And get tired.  So all you get is pictures.

hanging out...

Nathan with "vacuum truck"...truck that follows me when I vacuum....

the girls at my party!


lots of candles = me old!
Nathan has some big shoes to fill (also, crocs are disgusting)



holy pheasants in my neighbors yard!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top Ten Things I loved about going back to work

I was going to blog about the things I did not like this week...but then I thought I really should focus on the positive, because there definately were some!  Here are the top ten things I liked about going back to work this week:

10.  Having my mom get to spend time with Evan

9.    Coffee in the car as I drive to work

8.    Listening to the morning radio talk shows as I drive to work

7.    More coffee (Starbucks, Dunn!) once I get into work (yes, there might be a theme here....)

6.  Seeing the people I actually missed and enjoy talking to...

5.  Free lunch on Monday and Wednesday (today's was really nummy...)

4.  Hearing "Thank goodness you are back!" and getting handed a pile of work...(see?  They really did miss you Renee...or at least, your work....)

3.  Being downtown - with all of the Christmas decorations up, and shows during the lunch hour

2.  Talking with some old friends...

1.  Coming back with a completely new perspective on things

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emotional...(delayed post from Sunday)

The snow is falling gently. 

Daddy went ice fishing.

I had a picnic breakfast with Nathan and Evan this morning. 

Then we all played together.  Nathan kept sharing his toys with Evan. 

Nathan was a little sad that Bobcat got all slobbered on. 

Then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, suddenly Nathan bolted upstairs.  I said, "Where are you going?"  He said, "to my room." And I heard him slam the door.

I started walking upstairs when I saw the spilled cup of coffee on my carpet.  I went upstairs to Nathan's room to find him hiding in the closet.  When I opened up the door and found him, he had the cutest, most pathetic face on...

And now, now as both of them are napping...I find myself crocheting another Christmas gift and watching a sappy movie which is not helping me and thus I am practically bawling my eyes out.

Even Roary ran away.   

And I am just sad.  Sad happy.  And I know I cannot complain because I am so blessed to be feeling this way.  So I just have to be sad by myself...and to this little blog I guess.  And in 24 hours, this sadness will be gone and I am sure will be replaced by another emotion...because I am, let's face it, emotional.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'd like to be a snowflake...

Just to try it...falling from the sky...slowly...without a care in the world

It really doesn't matter where I would land...

I could land on a car and get scraped off...

Or on a sidewalk or road and get shoveled...

Maybe I would land in a tree, and sit there all winter until the warm sun came out and melted me away...

It is quite possible I could be the unluckiest snowflake ever and get peed on by a dog...

But, eventually I would melt, and be swept away into the rivers and lakes and grasses and ground...

Only to freeze again another day, and perhaps, be another snowflake, falling down slowly..

without a care in the world..

I'd just like to try it.   

Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday weekend begins!

Today is my sister's birthday and tomorrow is mine.  Thus, in honor of our birthdays, we are headed to the Wild game tonight -- it is supposed to snow so that will only make it more fun!  Whenever we go to Wild games, we head to Joseph's in St. Paul and have drinks and food, then take the free shuttle to the game.  It not only saves us a ton on parking and the hassle, but it also stops you from paying $5 for one hotdog.  I am debating whether or not to wear my boots.  Maybe just put them in the car?  My toes are cold already though.

I am frustrated with our fireplace...once again I smelled a small bit of natural gas as I sat next to it while it was off.  We have since shut it off (including the gas line) and called service...but the service will be $169 just for them to come out, excluding parts of course.  I am pretty sure it was the same thing it was last time (there was a small leak by the pilot that was fixed by simply tightening the line), but still, disappointing to have to pay for that for piece of mind to use it you know. 

Tomorrow will be a fun day...my mom, dad, brother and sister are coming over and my mom is bringing our classic birthday cakes.  I usually like to have everyone over for a Christmas dinner, so this works out really well, since my house is all decorated and also since Chris is hunting next weekend (never again will I let him go in December...way too busy!!).  We are having tacos, a classic birthday dinner (pheasant was also something we often had when friends of the family used to come over as well), but these tacos will be Renee and Chris style. 

I am also really excited that I am making hot reuben dip for an hors'derve.  however you spell that. 

I would spell check it, but seriously, its my birthday weekend.  i shouldn't have to...right? 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter in Minnesota...

Isn't it lovely?

 When you look out the window at it, you almost forget that it is cold...

Weather like this makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee on the couch and stare out the window...that rarely happens, however.  But it happens enough, I am thankful for that. 

Today Evan and I went in for his four month checkup and things are looking good, but now he has a 102 degree fever, which he got the last time he had shots as well.  It is starting to subside, so that is good. 
He is starting to use his hands more, grabbing at things and the like...
I know a big change is coming for me personally - work.  I am thankful I have work to go back to, but I will miss being home.  A lot.  And a lot more than last time.  I now
know how fast it will go... I will close my eyes and one day I will wake up and my kids will be all grown up. 

And all this talk about extending the tax cuts...stop talking and just do it already.  I can just see what this is going to do to my job..it is going to make busy season even worse...the software won't be ready (thus delaying returns going out) because congress will dilly daddle...what morons.  I am sorry (okay, I'm not), but they are seriously a bunch of idiots...if I didn't honestly believe half of them wanted the US to go down the piehole, I would be confused.

But, as usual, it is a few moments everyday that make things worth it!  Here is Nathan below wearing Grandpa's glasses:

And I finished another Christmas present...napkins!  these are for my mom, and she had better use them for everyday -- or else!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busier than expected...

On Sunday I ran to Target to pick up our Christmas photo cards...argh...only they didn't print right!  So it was back home and I decided to use Shutterfly instead of Kodak, and it worked much butter...I am so excited to send these out.  I totally forgot though how long it takes to do Christmas cards, and I don't even send out that many.   Then it was back to Target to get the new cards, then to Menards for lightbulbs, and then home.  And then fixing the Santa that burned out, and cleaning, and dinner, and laundry...whew...I wish I were sleeping like Evan!

I thought Monday would be a restful catchup day, but it didn't turn out that way.  My friend called and asked for some help moving into her new place (first time homebuyer!) and Evan and I were happy to oblige. We also had to pack up some housewarming gifts and get some Mike's Hard Cranberry (her favorite) to toast the momentus occasion! 

This kid is the happiest person in our house...always smiley!
 Before I left I had to send off my papers to the U, but I ran out of envelopes...I looked everywhere, and I couldn't find any....so Roary and I had to make one out of a paper bag...

Then I quickly made a hotdish so we would have something to eat before we got home...I love Day After Thanksgiving Hotdish...yum!

All set to go!

 Here she is...unlocking the door for the first time!  We did a really good job of loading her family's trailer with her stuff and hauling over as much as we could in our two vehicles...she seemed to have a lot of stuff when we left her old place, but since her new place is so big, it seemed like nothing once we got there! 

It was a good (but tiring) time...I definately didn't need to do my two-mile run that morning, that is for sure.  Although, I heard on the radio the other day, every hour of vigorous exercise you do adds two hours to your life...interesting to think about...

Later on I came home only to find this present sticking in the tree...I asked Chris if he did that and he said, "seriously?  you think I did that?"  it was funny.

Nathan helped me decorate the tree with candycanes...I love how candycanes are still so simple and so inexpensive...

Can you believe it is December already?!  Happy December!