Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top Ten Things I loved about going back to work

I was going to blog about the things I did not like this week...but then I thought I really should focus on the positive, because there definately were some!  Here are the top ten things I liked about going back to work this week:

10.  Having my mom get to spend time with Evan

9.    Coffee in the car as I drive to work

8.    Listening to the morning radio talk shows as I drive to work

7.    More coffee (Starbucks, Dunn!) once I get into work (yes, there might be a theme here....)

6.  Seeing the people I actually missed and enjoy talking to...

5.  Free lunch on Monday and Wednesday (today's was really nummy...)

4.  Hearing "Thank goodness you are back!" and getting handed a pile of work...(see?  They really did miss you Renee...or at least, your work....)

3.  Being downtown - with all of the Christmas decorations up, and shows during the lunch hour

2.  Talking with some old friends...

1.  Coming back with a completely new perspective on things

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