Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday weekend begins!

Today is my sister's birthday and tomorrow is mine.  Thus, in honor of our birthdays, we are headed to the Wild game tonight -- it is supposed to snow so that will only make it more fun!  Whenever we go to Wild games, we head to Joseph's in St. Paul and have drinks and food, then take the free shuttle to the game.  It not only saves us a ton on parking and the hassle, but it also stops you from paying $5 for one hotdog.  I am debating whether or not to wear my boots.  Maybe just put them in the car?  My toes are cold already though.

I am frustrated with our fireplace...once again I smelled a small bit of natural gas as I sat next to it while it was off.  We have since shut it off (including the gas line) and called service...but the service will be $169 just for them to come out, excluding parts of course.  I am pretty sure it was the same thing it was last time (there was a small leak by the pilot that was fixed by simply tightening the line), but still, disappointing to have to pay for that for piece of mind to use it you know. 

Tomorrow will be a fun mom, dad, brother and sister are coming over and my mom is bringing our classic birthday cakes.  I usually like to have everyone over for a Christmas dinner, so this works out really well, since my house is all decorated and also since Chris is hunting next weekend (never again will I let him go in December...way too busy!!).  We are having tacos, a classic birthday dinner (pheasant was also something we often had when friends of the family used to come over as well), but these tacos will be Renee and Chris style. 

I am also really excited that I am making hot reuben dip for an hors'derve.  however you spell that. 

I would spell check it, but seriously, its my birthday weekend.  i shouldn't have to...right? 

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