Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busier than expected...

On Sunday I ran to Target to pick up our Christmas photo cards...argh...only they didn't print right!  So it was back home and I decided to use Shutterfly instead of Kodak, and it worked much butter...I am so excited to send these out.  I totally forgot though how long it takes to do Christmas cards, and I don't even send out that many.   Then it was back to Target to get the new cards, then to Menards for lightbulbs, and then home.  And then fixing the Santa that burned out, and cleaning, and dinner, and laundry...whew...I wish I were sleeping like Evan!

I thought Monday would be a restful catchup day, but it didn't turn out that way.  My friend called and asked for some help moving into her new place (first time homebuyer!) and Evan and I were happy to oblige. We also had to pack up some housewarming gifts and get some Mike's Hard Cranberry (her favorite) to toast the momentus occasion! 

This kid is the happiest person in our house...always smiley!
 Before I left I had to send off my papers to the U, but I ran out of envelopes...I looked everywhere, and I couldn't find Roary and I had to make one out of a paper bag...

Then I quickly made a hotdish so we would have something to eat before we got home...I love Day After Thanksgiving Hotdish...yum!

All set to go!

 Here she is...unlocking the door for the first time!  We did a really good job of loading her family's trailer with her stuff and hauling over as much as we could in our two vehicles...she seemed to have a lot of stuff when we left her old place, but since her new place is so big, it seemed like nothing once we got there! 

It was a good (but tiring) time...I definately didn't need to do my two-mile run that morning, that is for sure.  Although, I heard on the radio the other day, every hour of vigorous exercise you do adds two hours to your life...interesting to think about...

Later on I came home only to find this present sticking in the tree...I asked Chris if he did that and he said, "seriously?  you think I did that?"  it was funny.

Nathan helped me decorate the tree with candycanes...I love how candycanes are still so simple and so inexpensive...

Can you believe it is December already?!  Happy December! 

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