Saturday, December 11, 2010

A day of milestones....

I am feeling quite chipper right now...

I wrote on a friend's facebook wall today to congratulate her (her daughter rather) on sitting up.  I said something like, "that's awesome...Evan still doesn't even want to roll over yet."  Nathan rolled over so early (at two months) I feel like Evan is behind (even though he's not). 

Only then he did it for me an hour later!

I totally missed it...Nathan and I were baking cookies in the kitchen, and I had set Evan down on his tummy with three toys in front of him.  He was awfully quiet, so I looked out to the family room about 10 minutes later and there he was, on his back, all happy, sucking his thumb.  I was like, "did you roll over?!"  I was so excited.  I even sat there for awhile second guessing myself...did I put him that way?  Am I sure I put him on his tummy...maybe I didn't...but I totally remember setting him that way and putting toys in front him and saying something like, "work on your crawling now bud....". 

Then, on another note, and I have been meaning to share this for awhile, just in case there is anyone out there like me, I hit a milestone on my jogging today. 

Two miles:  Twenty minutes, 25 seconds.  Personal best ever!

*happy dance*

I have been exercising since September 1st, the day of my post partum checkup.  I would jog three times a week (MWF), and walk with Evan two miles a week (T,R), and have weekends off. 

I really hate jogging on the treadmill.  But I really wanted to be able to do a 10 minute is just something I think everyone should be able to do.  After about a month, I could do a 10 minute mile.  I was excited...but then, I seem to hit a wall. 

You know.  THE WALL. 

I would try to go farther, or faster, and no matter what, about 11 minutes, or 12 minutes, I wouldn't be able to....I started to get frustrated with the entire thing in November. 

Then, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we had a nurse come to our house to do insurance physicals.  Everything of mine was normal...but when she checked out my husband, his resting pulse was amazing...she goes, "you are a runner or something, aren't you?"  It made me mad.  Here I was, working really hard (or so I thought), and she couldn't tell.  Nevermind my weight was lower than my pre-pregnancy weight that day, I was still not really in shape. 

After she left, Chris went to work and I went upstairs and pouted.  And then I got mad.  So I hauled my butt down to the treadmill and I kicked my ass. 


I know my problem most of the time is mental.  And that's what I needed.  That day I did two miles in 23 minutes, 50 some seconds.  It sucked.  It hurt.  I was soaked.  I hated it. 

But I was proud afterwards. 

Since then I have been working on not being so hard on myself...focusing more on distance than time, and not giving myself a hard time if I walk for a bit, jog for a bit, walk for a bit. 

Last week I did two miles in 21 minutes, 10 seconds. 

Sometimes it is really hard.  On Monday, the first day I worked, I came home and tried to jog.  I could only go for 13 minutes.  At first I was angry at myself...but then I was like, "hey, 13 minutes after working all day?  that's awesome for you."

On Thursday, I didn't feel like running.  I didn't feel good.  I had a headache.  I felt icky.  I jogged for three minutes and quit.  Mentally, it wasn't going to happen.  I didn't let it bother me.  I said, "you'll do better next time..."

And that time was today.  And I did. 

Now hand me the Christmas cookies please....i deserve one! 

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