Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emotional...(delayed post from Sunday)

The snow is falling gently. 

Daddy went ice fishing.

I had a picnic breakfast with Nathan and Evan this morning. 

Then we all played together.  Nathan kept sharing his toys with Evan. 

Nathan was a little sad that Bobcat got all slobbered on. 

Then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, suddenly Nathan bolted upstairs.  I said, "Where are you going?"  He said, "to my room." And I heard him slam the door.

I started walking upstairs when I saw the spilled cup of coffee on my carpet.  I went upstairs to Nathan's room to find him hiding in the closet.  When I opened up the door and found him, he had the cutest, most pathetic face on...

And now, now as both of them are napping...I find myself crocheting another Christmas gift and watching a sappy movie which is not helping me and thus I am practically bawling my eyes out.

Even Roary ran away.   

And I am just sad.  Sad happy.  And I know I cannot complain because I am so blessed to be feeling this way.  So I just have to be sad by myself...and to this little blog I guess.  And in 24 hours, this sadness will be gone and I am sure will be replaced by another emotion...because I am, let's face it, emotional.

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