Monday, March 29, 2010


My little boy is finally quite the talker...things have been coming out of his mouth left and right lately, and Chris and I are constantly raising our eyebrows wondering where he got "that" from...  It's a true joy, let me tell you, especially after hanging around fluent two year olds for quite some time now.  Here are some conversations from tonight:

Mommy (after smelling a stink):  Nathan, did you poop?
Nathan:  No, I just got the farts. 

Mommy:  Nathan, tell Daddy what we did on our walk.
Nathan:  I drove green truck on road; I saw ducks.  Six ducks!  One, two, nigh, nigh, six! (Nathan seriously was pushing his truck so fast his pregnant mother had to jog to keep up with him...)

Mommy:  Nathan, come over here, I need to wipe your hands.
Nathan:  I made a mess.  My hands dirty.  I want go outside. 

Above picture is Nathan drinking pop with Grandma, to which he said, "I like Grandma's pop."  (he had his own you know....)

"Grandpa fire"

I love this picture!  Nathan's first Dilly bar! 

Ragtime quilt and hardanger

I have lots of projects in the queue.  I like to keep lots of things going...but occasionally, a project here or there starts to feel like a chore.  That's what this Ragtime quilt started to feel like...I did most of the sewing over a year ago when I made my sister a quilt...but I made too many squares, so I had a lot left over.  But, not enough to finish, so I had to buy some more fabric.  Finally on Sunday I made myself sit down at my new sewing table (oh I should post a picture of that!) with my new sewing light (a Christmas gift from Christopher) and finish.

All pieced together and quilted!

As you can see, I have some cutting to do to give it that raggy look.  I also made it about a foot and a half longer than our other quilt like this, so Christopher's toes would be fully covered. 

This is my hardanger after cutting!  Once I got the hang of it, it really wasn't so bad, you just have to pay attention.  But, cutting the first few threads out was pretty scary - I kept looking, and counting, and double-checking.  My mom thought it was nice too, but she had a good point:  What do you do with it when its done? 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not much time to write...

We had a fabulous dinner tonight - steak, potatoes, mushrooms, corn.  We grilled the steak -- I have to say, this baby must like meat.  Or I just must like it a lot lately. 

I think it's something about eating meat too that makes me happy - I know it's not a food I have to "worry" about come the GD testing.  Speaking of which, will be this week - Good Friday, at 3PM.  How odd.  I didn't realize I scheduled my appointment for that day on that time.  I'll try to have my mind right...thinking about Jesus at that moment and what He was going through, will help. 

Yesterday we took Nathan to the Easter Egg Hunt in Blaine.  I think he had a good time, but the big Easter Bunny scared him, and he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with the eggs at first, and once he realized there was candy inside of them, he just kept whining for candy!  But here are some cute pictures:

Waiting for it to start...

Field with eggies!

It was cold and windy and wet.  Nathan was getting impatient!

Finally!  Get those eggs Nathan!

Opening for candy!


This is my new project I purchased last weekend - I am very excited to make it!  I am making the Forget-Me-Knots in the bottom right-hand corner. 

I started doing the tracing fun!  More updates on projects later...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


that's all i am. 

work is doing me in.  i thought i had caught up...but today as i left, i counted the red files at my desk (red = individual returns) and stared blankly at the blue files (entities) and they just stared back at me. 

glaring at me, with yellow sticky notes:  where's this?  what's that?  look at me! 

have i worked the amount of hours this week that i worked three or four years ago?  no.  probably will only work like 55+.  i probably used to work 70+ this week.  i feel like its twice as hard now than it was then...i need to come home and exercise, but i come home and am tired and hungry.  i walked last night for 10 minutes on the treadmill and was totally pooped afterwards.  yes, pooped. 

we can't find Nathan's hat..and I am wondering if it got left at daycare.  In addition, Gus is here, and Chris didn't let the cats out.  poor kitties.  i hope Roary doesn't get ticked and pee on the carpet again.  i hope chris has thought about that as he locked the kitties downstairs.  i wonder if he gave them au jus. 

other thoughts: my dad turns the t.v. up way too loud, it gives me a headache.  the old peter cottontail show with Danny Kaye in it is odd.  tomorrow is my day home with nathan, but i am going to work in the morning and chris is going in the afternoon.  it's a long day already. i need to nap more. i need to exercise more.  i need to clean more.  i need to drink more water.  i keep forgetting this week.  not good. 

but donuts are good.  yes.  talked with my friend last night too for 104 minutes.  i was wondering why my neck was getting sore.  it was fun.  i miss her. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A few everyday pictures...

Driving his truck (which is supposed to be downstairs) everywhere...

Flying around with Daddy....

In a box....


This is what I got when I told him to stick out his tongue....

This is what I got when I told him to give me his "mean face" you can see, he kept giggling! 

Reach for the sky!

Nathan helped me haul out the cushions today...he hauled every single one....

Some are heavier than others, to which he said, "this one heavy..."

His pile...not bad...Good job Nathan!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking about you...little one...

I am enjoying the quiet times with this little one... 

with my first pregnancy, my thoughts were always "when (if) the baby comes...".  I was too nervous worrying something bad would happen to appreciate it.  And too busy making sure I had enough of everything.  silly me.  carseat, diapers, bottles, done.

this time, i am making sure I spend time with him or her.  because the baby is here, right now.  and has been, for 4 months.  I talk to him more, and tell her things.  I ask him questions.  i think about a little girl, and am happy.  i think about a little boy, and am happy. 

i can feel this baby move so much sooner than I did the last one...its much different too....but that's because I think its about four weeks earlier that i noticed it this time. 

i am excited to give Nathan a brother or sister. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sand Castles

Sand castles are one of those things you can spend hours on making, and then some creep can just walk over and smash it. 

Why bother in the first place?  Some days, its just because you get paid to...

That's how I feel tonight anyways.  One of my clients, we will call him Charlie, wanted some drafts of his tax returns today.  Charlie is very picky, and provides most of his information in a good format.  But, because Charlie is picky, he gets mean.  Well, I guess there are picky people who aren't mean about it, but Charlie is.  If everything isn't exactly perfect on his returns, he insults you using backhanded comments. 

He isn't the only one. 

I have so many good clients I love talking to...I get calls from them, and they just cheer me up.  Doing what I do involves a  lot of communication and going back and forth with people, asking questions, and trying to get the right information into the right place.  It also involves a lot of planning and getting to know people, and what's going on in their lives.

That's why clients like Charlie are hard.  Some clients just want to hand you a pile of information and expect you to know everything.  Or to contact their secretary.  Or bank teller.  Or ex-wife.  Or dog walker.  Okay, so I made the last one up, but I have had to contact some random people in my time! 

I wish the Charlie's of the world would get an attitude change, or either that, just go away.  I am tired of dealing with them.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March

I just had dinner with a friend who is going through such a difficult time in his life. On the way home, the first thought that came to me was that it just wasn't fair! Why would this happen to someone so good? As soon as I had commented to myself that life wasn't fair, the words another friend had posted on her blog came to me. It was beautifully written recently a few days ago, and I don't think I could have said it better:

I have thought a lot about her post lately...because her point is so isn't fair...but why do we only notice that when it comes to the bad or negative things?  Why don't I ever say, "My family is wonderful and my home is lovely!  Its just not fair!" 

I got called from daycare today because Nathan had had diarrhea three times and that is the max before they call you to come get him.  He can't go back for 24 hours.  A year ago, this would have stressed me out...I would have been annoyed my kid was sick, that I needed to figure out tomorrow, that we would all probably catch this latest bug..etc..etc.  But, today, it didn't really bother me.  My mind said, "No biggee.  I get to leave early to pick up my adorable little boy, make him feel better, and be there."  I get to be there.  How wonderful is that? 

So many people around me are missing someone.  Or someones.  I can feel their hurt.  And I want them to feel better.  So, tonight I pray for them.  I pray that God will help them through this hard time in their lives as only He can, and that slowly, but surely, the empty shell they currently feel will be filled with joy-- and that someday, either tomorrow or years and years from now, they get to be there with that someone once again. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning in.....March?

Everyone was out today in my neighborhood...trimming bushes, raking...we were sweeping the garage, patio, and deck. Chris took down the Christmas lights that were no longer frozen to the roof, and Nathan and I took a trip to the park. Its March 14th! This is just weird.

Currently Nathan is crawling under our bed going "ow ow ow!" as he bonks his head. Seriously, kid?!

We went out to dinner last night as a family and Nathan was the best he has ever been. It helps that there were firetrucks and police cars on the walls, as well as a tv showing drag racing. Nathan had a corndog and both Chris I thought that thing was going to go flying a few times! :-) But Nathan was so cute, when he got to the stick, he nibbled all around it. And we ordered dessert shots...and that little boy was so serious and quiet while he ate his Oreo Mousse dessert shot we know if he ever acts up again while out we just order dessert.

We also made chocolate chip cookies today, and they were good. I haven't done that in awhile. Both Chris and Nathan were into the cookie dough (Nathan was more into picking out the chocolate chips) but when I took it away and put the cookies in the oven Nathan started to cry. I think Chris wanted to cry too but he was holding it in.

In a rather random act of naughtiness, Roary peed on the carpet again yesterday. Its been three months and we haven't had an incident...although, lately, he has been acting very strange - whiny, meowy, and wanting outside. Chris also forgot his pill, so, I think it was the combination. Hopefully this incident is a rare occurance.

I didn't manage to get my desk cleared off this week at work, which is unusual for me. I keep getting interrupted with this new project I am on, which isn't flowing as smoothly as I would like. figures.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Only for Cat Lovers

This made me laugh so hard this week - still does!

Quick Update

March 15 is the tax deadline for corporate returns.  For some reason, the 11th of March (and April) tend to be crazy days....I have been super busy this week.  Last night I worked until 8PM, which, isn't late for some, but is for me. 

We went to the auto show after work on Wednesday with Kevin and Karen - I was surprised by what I liked best:  the GMC Acadia (after which a GMC rep. told me it was the closest frame to the wonder I picked that one!) and the Mazda CX9.  Karen liked the Malibu and seemed interested in the Ford, but not sure.  She was fixated on the window sizes.  The price of a vehicle with a third row is scary for me.

Its been raining all week and we can now see most of the grass - the voles didn't destroy the yard as they did last year, so good news for us and for Chris. 

Nathan is in the bathtub because he had a #2 explosion today.  Not pretty. 

The cats have spring fever...I thought it was because they are hungry, but nope, they are definately twitter-pated.  Roary just got fed and he keeps harassing me - fluffy tail on the screen can't see typing!

The bedspread I ordered over a month ago is now on its way - I hope I still like it when it gets here. 

Nathan has been extraordinary sweet and hilarious lately.  The things he says and does are so cute, and yesterday he called me from Grandma's to tell me he loved me...brought tears to my eyes as I drove through the rain to another day of work. 

I have decided when the baby comes, Nathan will start going full-time to daycare.  I think he will like it as active as he is, and it will be summer.

We are going to sell the swingset we bought last spring and Chris is going to build a new one that I can swing on with Nathan.

I am longing for the sun. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today we ran errands.

First, we went to JoAnn to get Nathan an Easter Basket of his own and get myself a portable Ottlite for stitching.  I was extremely disappointed in the Easter basket selection this year...they used to have so much more, and much sturdier products.  Most of these were either boring or flimsy.  Of course, Nathan fell in love with the "Lightning McQueen" Easter basket.  He hauled it around the store the entire time I was there, but no way I was buying that ($20)!  It's just not an Easter basket. 

But,  did have a good selection of some Valentine's day decorations at 70% off -- which are perfect for the anniversary party in June.  The room we rented has a lot of windows so it will be nice to have these hanging decorations on at least six of them.  Also, these will go well with the centerpieces I purchased in January which were also 80% off (one is in the picture).   I saved over $75 on today's decoration purchases, and when I purchased the centerpieces, I saved $110 - so far, so good! 

Second, we went to Lowe's, to check out their cabinet hardware.  Chris wanted more bronze colors, and they really didn't have anything true bronze but they had some stuff with bronze accents.  I bought three to see how they would look.  My favorite one is below...along with a picture of the dresser!  On the way out of the Lowe's...seriously, been to the Lowe's in Coon Rapids?  It's easy to get into, but not to get out of...and then there was this like triangular curve in the middle of the road which I didn't see (wasn't marked, didn't have a sign on it) until I drove my car onto it - argh!  I was worried something was wrong after that, but the car looked fine. 

Finally,  we went to Cub because I needed a few things for fish tacos tonight.  That was an adventure...I have been trying to find alternatives to the delicious CocaCola Classic lately as Coke apparently refuses to put their product on sale.  So, I have been buying random colas...Shasta, Superchill, etc...well, today I picked up a case of Cherry Cola Superchill since the inlaws are coming over tonight and Grandma likes  Cherry coke.  Well, I picked it up and of course, the box frickin' ripped and the cans went spilling everywhere.  Nathan was like, "ut oh...." and I was like...."no shnit!"  So, I didn't buy the stupid Superchill.  But, I did find a pack of Dr. Pepper on sale for the same price so then I felt better. 

My conscious just said "you shouldn't drink pop at all anyways".  argh. 

At least Nathan got his free cookie there, and dang, it looked delicious.  And giving him a cookie lately is so bad for me, because you open up the bakery doors and you smell donuts.  Sweet, delicious, tantilizing donuts...which normally wouldn't tempt me but of course they do once I smell them.  So, like last Friday, I caved and bought myself a donut.  And I am exhausted and need to clean, so there is no time today to work time!  Doesn't running errands qualify anyways (don't answer that...I just am tired and don't want to do my mile tonight).

Here's Roary below assisting me in my cleaning...

Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a lion!!! Out like a lamb...

Sometimes I wonder how I can handle two...when I feel like I am barely handling one. 

Where will I get the energy to do all this...when, even now, I just come home and crash? 

Where are all the other women out there that feel the way that I do?  That work part-time, and take care of their kid(s)? 

I am home with Nathan one or two days a week, and at work three or five days a week, and I work from home when I am home.  and at the park.  and at the store.  whenever i can...checking email, answering questions, keeping things moving.  But lately, I want the two areas of my life to be completely separate.  I am tired of thinking about work when I am home and thinking about home when I am at work.  Unfortunately, I know I am the only one who can change this.   

I am also tired of the implication that daycare is the easy way out, and that my kid(s) will suffer not being home with Mommy all the time.  I have had people, even friends, insult me for having Nathan in times wondering what other choice I would have other than quitting my career?

I remember the awful first day I dropped Nathan off with people who were almost complete strangers to me.  I remember holding back the tears and the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach (which was also there when I wrote out my first check to the place).  

Now when I drop him off, he smiles when he sees his friends and his toys, and is so ready to go and play he doesn't care as I wave good-bye.  When I pick him up, he is often sweaty, dirty, and tired...but happy!  And he does so many wonderful things there...everyday, projects, art, music, dance,...all while learning and happy. 

I think and hope it will be easier, although still hard, to drop off the next baby at the daycare...with thoughts in mind of how eventually they will love school and their makes it easier. 

...16.5 weeks...I wish I was closer, but at the same time, don't want to rush it....praying to God each day for health for this next child...