Monday, January 10, 2011

I knew the blogging would slow down...

I can't even find time to think.  let alone blog.  so I will do both right here and now. 

this is me thinking.

I am thinking a lot about him, because after one week at daycare, which started out wonderful, the kid has changed.  We couldn't figure him out on Wednesday night, when he would take two sucks of the bottle, scream, push it away, take two more sucks, scream, push it away, and only get down about two ounces.  I thought he was overtired.  Normally he would get two or three naps during the day, totaling five or six daycare, he is lucky if he gets 45 minutes at a time, totaling an hour or two.  Same thing Thursday.  On Friday, I took him to the doctor, concerned about sore throat.  Nothing.  Finally, on Saturday night it dawned on us, you would think we were first time parents or something...duh..the kid is almost six months old. 


On Sunday I shined a flashlight in his mouth...I didn't see anything coming in on the bottom so I thought I might as well check the top...and sure enough, there was a little tiny tooth starting to push it's way through.  So, that's what is causing all of this.

And, well, he may not be hungry because he had some sort of stomach bug as well...because I had a stomach bug this weekend.  Not fun.  And who the heck did I get it from if not Evan?  No one else has had it...and here's hoping Nathan does NOT get it.  Because man, that kid hates puking in the bucket.  He cries when he sees it, "No...not the bucket!"  who can blame him though.

Evan has been so easy-going this whole "i am not eating i am going to scream bloody murder at random times" thing has really concerned me.  Obviously this may last a bit, so I need to get used to it.  And, daycare is new to him, and he is great there!  All smiles and giggles..probably why the little shnit won't sleep.  Too busy flirting.  Yeah, that's right...he is such a big flirt.  Like, when I took him to the doctor, everyone is like, "he can't be sick!  look at that smile!"  Made me feel silly. 

I can't keep work straight.  I am way too busy.  I added an extra day at the office in order to not be swamped when I am there and have to work from home.  I worked from home all Friday morning.  What is going on?  Am i losing my ability to delegate?  multitask?  Part of it I know is now where my desk is...they made us move cubes and I am sitting next to someone who bothers me seriously every hour with questions...including interrupting me when I am right in the middle of things over and over again.  I can't think.  Also, part of it is people quitting, leaving me behind with no one to assist me, in the middle of projects, to transition to new team members who have never worked on this type of project before..yikes!  hand holding.  how will I ever do the job I am supposed to for my level?  I find it overly-challenging.  I get exhausted.  I come home, and can only run a mile in 10:30.  Although, I am proud of that because of my exhaustion. 

Can I balance this all out?  Can I stop the endless chatter in my head of things to do here and at home? 

Do I care?  I could go to the grocery store tomorrow and be shot by a psycho...our time is so limited...shouldn't I be home with my kids? 

Enough of sharing my mental gibber gabber with the world.  Time to make dinner for Nathan.

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