Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was a WEEK!

So, honestly, I kind of feel bad that I sat around a lot this weekend and did a lot of nothing, but at the same time, I don't.  I was due.

The good news is, my ear finally opened up today -- and I can hear!  It is wonderful...and amazing how many little things you take for hearing out of both ears!  And having two cars. 

Clearly this called for a celebration..or at least, an ice cream cone.  Nathan struggled with how to eat this the first time...but by the next time, he was a pro! 

Evan has been moving around so much more lately...starting to get into trouble!  He almost pulled my plate of food off of the table last week, and here he is with Daddy...and poor Daddy can't play computer as Evan kept pushing buttons and moving stuff around....It was too cute so I had to snap a few pictures....

At least I can't say I was entirely that wouldn't be Renee.  We were going to have some relatives over Saturday, but unfortunately they got sick and couldn't make it.  However, the good news was the house was about  halfway clean, and random things got know, like the base around the bottom of the toilet, and the corners on the kitchen floor, and the rugs got all, it really turned out well to have some reason to do all that.  The only bad part was, once I heard they weren't coming, I immediately stopped with the process and has myself a drink. 

But I did finish Evan's blanket!  I am going to send it to school with him, as he doesn't have anything special there yet.  Grandma just finished a lovely minkee one for him that is nice and big for when he is older, but he just needs something small for now for daycare.  I have been working on this for about two or three is the baby blanket I crochet a lot...I think this is my 6th or 7th one...

Then, today, I also finished a pillowcase.  I received a pillow case kit for a Christmas present this was from WalMart, so I wasn't sure how it would go.  The fabric seemed to be an okay quality (the red was definately cheap), but the instructions were crap...and made  no sense!  I read them for like an hour, and then started to follow them, but then just ended up doing my own thing, and it turned out pretty well. 
Nathan likes it at least...and it is always exciting to cross a few "projects" off the list...makes room for me to add more.

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