Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

seriously.  Here are some of Nathan's latest:
Miss Ashley, Nathan's preschool teacher, said she was almost in tears from laughing the other day after this:

Nathan finished his breakfast first, and said, "Miss Ash-e-ley, can I get down?" 
Miss Ashley said "no Nathan.  Sit and wait for your friends to finish." 
And Nathan goes, "Dammit."

Oh dear!  :-)
The other night Nathan and I built a fort/tent in his room.  We were both lying under it, and we started thanking Jesus for things.  I would thank Him for something, and then Nathan would.  I thanked Him for our house, Nathan would thank Him for his bed, I would thank Him for our food, Nathan thanked Him for his clothes...etc.  This went on for a little bit...then Nathan goes, "Thank you Jesus for Evan."  And Mommy started tearing up.... 
The other night Nathan was just being bad...very difficult, and he broke something or another.  So, he got sent to bed early and there were many tears.  After he calmed down, and I went up and talked to him. 

I said, "Nathan, why were you being so naughty?"

He responded with the cutest look on his face, "Mommy, I didn't try to be naughty, it just happened."


Nathan says, "Ding dang" and "Chug Chug!" all the time.  We aren't sure why, but I find myself saying ,"chug CHUG!" at times now when I get frustrated.  It definately makes you feel better!

Other things he says a lot, "Oh man!" and "oh my goodness sakes!" and my favorite, "Mommy, I love you every night."

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  1. Cute stuff. I don't know how many times things have "just happened" at my house. Cutting her own hair was one of those times.