Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trying to take it all in stride...

Evan didn't eat well Monday or Tuesday at daycare.  I worried.  But thankfully, today he ate better, and got in about 10 ounces while he was there (yesterday he maxed out at 6).  He does eat, they say, two or three tablespoons of solids twice a day, so I guess he is getting enough food.  I just worry he is going to get dehydrated.  But, doctor says not to worry about that unless he is lethargic, not having wet diapers, etc., which he is definately NOT - Very active, they say he is extremely happy and playful at daycare, very social and wants to laugh at all the other kids, and stuff like that. 

I keep thinking of A Christmas Story (the movie), and the part where Ralphie says, "Every family has a kid that won't eat.  My brother Randy hadn't eaten a full meal in years..."  Or something like that, and then the mom makes Randy eat  his mashed potatoes like a pig. 

I guess Evan is our kid that won't eat.  And going from a Nathan, to an Evan, is kind of stressing me out.  I keep thinking, "you need to eat more.  you need to eat more.  come on, just eat some more!"  Clearly I am my mother's daughter. 

Nathan is at Grandma's, so I am going to spend the next half hour cleaning after this, followed by making myself some dinner, and then it's time for Evan to go to bed.  I am trying to get him on a schedule where 7PM is his bedtime so he is at least getting around 11 or 12 hours a night...especially since the napping at daycare seems nonexistent at the moment!

Then Nathan will be home around 8...and lately I just lay in bed with him, thinking I will just stay for a few minutes,and then two hours later I wake up, all groggy and confused with a foot in my face. 

Such is life I guess.  Taking it in stride. 

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