Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Flakes.

There are big flakes falling down right now.  These big flakes caused me to WFH today.  Not that I really felt like going into work even if it was a nice, warm, 40 degrees without snow, but after driving home in the dark with little to no visibility last night was definately a turning point.  Plus, the kids don't have daycare today, and even though Chris was going to stay home, two is better than one, especially since Evan is sick again with another virus or something.

We got our end tables in this Friday...and Chris had to do some minor assembly.  It's nice to have something stable in the family room after 5+ years of using TV trays...

Auntie Karen came over Saturday morning while I was at my quilting class and watched the kids.  Evan apparently really liked this. 

I have to admit, February and January have seemed to kind of run together in my mind as sick, icky months.  While I have been trying to remaing positive, the truth is I am tired of wiping noses, hearing my baby cough, and feeling run-down myself.  Speaking of running, last Wednesday was such a tease...I ran outside, and did pretty well for the first time.  It was 60 degrees.  Now it is cold, and snowing again, which I expected, but, thinking about going downstairs on the treadmill, just thinking about it, takes enormous effort. 

Work has been gearing up, and each day I thank God for my job and remind myself how blessed I am to be working.  However, I long to be home with my kids and keeping house -- while my job usually satisfies my professional/social side, my heart just isn't in it this year, making it more difficult than usual. 

But, I have been, for the past two or three weeks, working slowing on my binding for this quilt...and finally, it is done!  I have put it away for some use to be later determined...but am very happy that for now, I can cross one tiny item off my list and maybe put another item in its place. 

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