Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have nothing really bad to report...nor nothing good.  Both kids are sick.  Both kids have seen the doctor, and they have nothing, so they are deemed to have a "virus".

evil stinking viruses. 

Nathan spent the day yesterday hovering between 100-104 least he kept food and drink down.  This morning at 6AM he threw up all over his bed.  Which reminds me...his sheets are still in the dryer.  He couldn't keep any medicine down all day so the poor kid has been suffering with a fever most of the day...finally about at 1PM he kept down a little ibuprofen, the fever broke, and went down to 98.  Of course, it has creeped back up again...and Nathan has gotten sick again (dang you applesauce!).

I have been hovering between a sense of peace, and a sense of's time to start freaking out! all day.  I just get weird when my kids eye's glaze over and the fever won't subside. 

I laid with Nathan this afternoon until he felt better.  What makes me feel better is listening to his breathing...I just want to be close to him, to make sure he is okay.

Evan is doing better than Nathan...his fevers have not been near as high, and he is eating I am not as worried about him anymore (I was earlier in the week!).

I am trying to keep busy with things other than worry, biting nails, and hovering too much.  It's dang  hard.  Tomorrow I hope to have a better report.

For sure I have decided the kids aren't going back to daycare until Wednesday.  They need some time to recoup, even if they do get better tomorrow.

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