Saturday, February 5, 2011

Furniture, flus, and fun dinosaurs...

This week started out pretty well...we had plans scheduled with friends on Wednesday night, and on Saturday we had planned to spend the day shopping and followed by dinner at a German restaurant we both enjoy to celebrate Valentine's day. 

We did get to go out with our friends Wednesday, but that's when daycare called and Nathan wasn't feeling or acting like his normal self.   He was okay though, so we didn't pick him up early. 

Evan got to wear his dinosaur outfit one more time (it barely fits), so we had to get this cute picture early Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday night though Chris started coming down with whatever crap Nathan and Evan have had, and so he stayed home with Nathan on Thursday.  I figured even though Nathan could go to school, he had a bad cough and might as well take advantage of Daddy being home.  Well, a few hours later daycare called and Daddy had to go get Evan too as he had a fever.  So, all three boys were home sick together while Mommy was at work. 

Friday everyone stayed home, including myself since I don't work Fridays, and I had plans to go over to my MIL's for a fun afternoon/night of sewing.  I was worried I might come down with something and would have to cancel...but I made it over there..and made great progress on some projects. 

Below is the wall hanging I am doing for Evan...I got all the pieces cut out and tacked down.  Now I will just need to get the batting, pin it all together, and do a little hand quilting around the planes and some embroidery work. 

I also spent about four or five hours sewing these bad boys together...I now have all the pieces to actually start making the blocks for this quilt.  Or, for at least most of the quilt.  Not sure on how big I want it, I didn't make all the pieces I think I will eventually need.  But, I am excited to have this part done -- it is going to be fun to actually start making the blocks and laying stuff out. 

Today was the day we were supposed to go shopping/dinner, like I said, but with the sicknessess that got cancelled...or so I thought.  Chris said I needed to "get out of the house", which was probably due to my shortness with the kids this morning.  I am not sure I am going to survive missing out on this sickness, but Chris says as much I want to, I am just not going to be allowed in the "sick club".  I hope he is right.  Anyways, my mom came over and we went furniture shopping for end tables for our family room.  I found a picture online of what I got...I was very happy to find something I liked! 

I have been wearing my Packer scarf almost all day long, and I am making up some chicken wings for tomorrow.  It is like the first time in 10 years we haven't been invited to a Superbowl party, and of course, my team is actually in the Superbowl this year so I wouldn't have been bored watching it!  But, given our family's current health, probably best we are not all scheduled to go somewhere.  Right now I am hoping I can make it through most of this and the kids will be feeling better by Monday.  I think Chris is feeling better this afternoon, so that is comforting.

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