Monday, February 14, 2011

Water engineers and other stuff...

Sunday was a beautiful day!  It was 40 degrees at 9:30...I decided after breakfast Nathan and I would definately venture outside. 

Evan stayed home with Daddy though!
We got all bundled up and headed out...Nathan can get everything on pretty well except for his mittens...which we ended up not needing!

The walk to the closest park is about a first I was thinking this was always too far...but now I enjoy it and am glad it will always force me and the kids out for a nice walk or bikeride...

Once we got to the walk we did some swinging on the "big kid" swing, and then Nathan all of a sudden picked up a chunk of ice and ate it. 
He held it out to me and said, "you want some Mom?"

Man that ice is delicious!
 The slides were so much fun for him..he kicked the snow and slipped and fell and had a great time...

Loving this little boy! 

I can tell already this spring will be quite a change for us...Nathan is already so much more adventurous and willing to try new things...

I mean, look at him go! 

On the way home we passed a million puddles...I didn't let him go into any of them until we got to our street.  Of course, our street had one of the biggest ones! 

What kid doesn't love a puddle?!!

Until you fall in it, of course, and get your face wet!

After that we got to our house and worked at making a little stream for the water in our driveway to drain...Nathan and I had a great time doing that! 

Watching the water go away!  It is almost all gone today, but our little path is still there...
On other notes, Nathan has just been hilarious lately.  He ate a spicy chip the other day and said, "Mom, the chip is burning my frogs!"  This is especially funny because Nathan believes there are frogs that live in his throat - and when he is hoarse, they are out of their "house", and when he isn't hoarse, he coughs "cough cough" and says, "there they are!". 

His sayings now include, "I know Mom"...when I tell him anything lately he says, "Yeah Mom, I know..."  and also he has been saying "actually" before everything.  "Actually Daddy, it is like this..."  "Actually Mommy..."  too funny. 

We spent lots of nights reading books in my closet.  For those of you that don't know, my closet is kind of my little "sanctuary"...I have pillows and blankets in there, and I often curl up in there and read books, pray, or just rest.  It is where I escape to in this house...anyways, Nathan has been coming in there lately and we have been reading books together (he reads his, I read mine).  The other night he said, "come on in guys..." and told me his "alligators" were in there with us.  They are all "tendse", which means, "pretend", and it is pretty funny to watch him start to play make-believe. 

Evan has been rolling all around, and made some attempts at crawling but hasn't figured out he has to lift his belly up off the ground.  He is a total thumb-sucker, and can calm himself down at pretty much anything once he gets his thumb.  He is going through another "i don't really want to drink much" phase...which, doesn't have me as concerned as last time, as he is continuing to pound down lots of solid foods.  I think he may be starting to like the solid foods better...

Time to relax for the rest of the night...

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