Thursday, February 24, 2011


My life.  windy.  Like, I am just getting blown around all the time, from here to there, with no direction.  The days rush past so quickly it is morning before I go to sleep and when I wake up it feels like it is a few minutes and it will be evening.

this morning was no exception. 

Evan started getting sick again on Friday...he was better this weekend though and was doing okay at school.  Fast forward to today...we dropped the kids off, got into work by 7:30, and daycare called at 8:02 to tell me his fever was 101.2, and that RSV has been going around in the baby room, and we had better get Evan checked out.  Goodie.  We both rode the bus so Chris got a ride home, picked up Evan, took him to the doctor, they ran a test (which we won't know the results until tomorrow) and that's it.  Even if he does have it though, they don't do anything until he starts to have trouble breathing. 

I know I felt like this with Nathan the first few months of daycare.  This horrible, "time to give up and call it a day" feeling...thoughts in my head fluttering around...i should quit.  i should stay home.  This isn't worth it.  

But then a calming voice reminds me *this too shall pass*.  And then reason sets in, about how much better Evan is doing than Nathan did his first few months of daycare.  And I relax.  But only for a minute.

Because, you know, in addition to working, I have a house to manage.  Tonight I had to go was the last possible day to use one of my Target 10% coupons, and since I only have a few of those left, I needed to take advantage of it.  Man, Target is so busy lately.  The shelves are always practically empty...either they are doing well, I go at the wrong time, or they just don't want to keep inventory on hand. 

And the food prices...yikes!  At Christmas, eggs were $1.29.  Now they are a $1.89.  Is it just me, or is that like a 50% increase?  When is the last time I got a 50% raise?  ummmm....never.  apparently I should go to work for the gov't and get a union job and then pretend to be sick so I can go protest at the Capitol that I make too little money even though I make twice as much as someone who doesn't work for the government.  yeah.  I should do that.  Sounds like a sweet deal. 

Speaking of sweets...yae!  Starburst Jelly Beans are back! 

I am glad it is Thursday.  My list of things is growing so long I cannot keep up.  I have some exciting things in the works though.  I am re-doing my downstairs half bath.  I shouldn't say "re-doing"'s never been painted anything but white.  I picked colors.  I bought towels.  I found a shelf to order.  And then I am going to swap out light fixtures.  And find cute things to put on the shelf.  And it shall be lovely. 

My MIL and I are going to make two baskets for our daycares silent auction.  We are going to do a "baby" basket and a "household/kitchen" basket.  We are going to make a lot of stuff for the I need to work on that when there is time. 

We are going to do some work in our laundry/utility room.  It is a very large one, and it does not use this space wisely.  Since our house isn't huge, and I think we will be here forever given the way things are going, we need to make use of all possible space.  I want to put in a closet in the laundry room, for hunting clothes, boots, and winter stuff.  I also want to put in a small broom closet - for brooms and some other items.  To do this, I think we have to move our water heater.  We are also contemplating putting a ceiling in (20+ ceiling currently) and creating a level for storage. 

My running hasn't been going so well.  I don't know if I will make my goal of doing a 5K in around 30 minutes.  I walked at 5mph the other day for over a mile.  I didn't think it would be that hard.  It was awful...what a different workout speedwalking is...then, on Wednesday, I ran a 10 minute mile..but couldn't go much farther.  how I am ever going to get to 5K is beyond me. I am trying not to get discouraged.  It would be easier if I loved it. 

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