Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trip to Great Grandma's Birthday Party

I have been meaning to blog about this since last weekend, but work has gotten in the way.  I thought I was under control Monday night...and then, well, the next thing I know it is Friday and I had already worked 67.4 hours (what ARE those union employees complaining about anyways?!!!)

Last Saturday we took a road trip down to the relatives for Chris' Grandma's 92nd birthday party.  We were a little concered about the weather for traveling, but the worst of it actually was in the cities.  Once we got past downtown, it was just windy, with no snow. 

I sat in the back so I was talking to Evan a lot the whole trip.  Despite the million times I said "ma-ma" he would always respond with "da-da".  figures. 
 They had toys there for the little kids, which was great, since we were stuck in an old hall for about 5 hours without much else to do besides eat.  Nathan really liked the toys...they were all these old school things I recognized....

Evan was just in awe of all the kids. 
 They had a ton of bean bag toss things there...I tried really hard to get a good action shot of Nathan, but he was always moving, and this was the best I could get...

After a few tries, he was smart enough to realize if we wanted these in the hole, why didn't we just walk them over and put them in?  Made sense to me...

The following day, Sunday, the day before my last post...I worked, and then I came home to watch Evan work on his crawling.  He was moving in circles and it was pretty funny, because in this picture, he was going into reverse and got his leg stuck under the couch.   Then he got pissed. 

Grandpa stopped by one night this week for like a minute, and Nathan insisted he have all his cars..  too cute!

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