Friday, March 25, 2011

What a treat!

(I tried to post this on Wednesday, but blogger was broken!)

We came home on Wednesday to find Kevin plowing out our driveway for us!  What a treat -  Chris' face lit up like he was a kid on Christmas Day...Kevin and Chris were going over to a friend's later on, and he beat us home and started...totally awesome. 

On Tuesday Chris stayed home and worked on the laundry room -- I told him to take some before pictures because when it is done, it is going to look crazy different. 
Here is a corner of the room that will become a closet - note the 20+ foot ceiling..that is going to be gone too.  Both the water heater and softener will be moving....

Here is where the water heater and softener are moving too..that black thing is the air needed to be moved up....

Here it is...getting moved up...not a big difference to some, but it is to me!  I always hit my head on that dang thing...

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