Monday, March 14, 2011

Zebra-striped paperclips, pink three ring binders, and orange highlighters...

Today I perused the downtown Office Depot. 

It was a joy. 

I decided to schedule time each day while I am work for a little outing, or for something personal, or just to take a 15 minute break. 

So I went and shopping for two items that have been on my list for about four months - a cute three ring binder and some paper protectors.  I wanted to start a book of all my patterns.  The plan is to put the pattern in a paper protector, and then on the page next to it, put pictures of some of the versions that I have made (if I have made that pattern).  How cute will that be?!!!  I wanted to start on it tonight but didn't have time of course.
I also got myself a new notebook - and Nathan some stickers for Easter. 
Getting out to do this in the middle of the day was such a treat.  I feel like I have been locked away somehow, and just going up and down the aisles of writing utensils, glue sticks, and bags of packing peanuts was relaxing and seemed to take some weight of the world off my mind. 

I also told myself to start leaving piles of work on my desk and just go home each night.  While tonight it was hard to do, it felt good once I got home and let things go in my head.

I  needed to go for a jog, and since it was 40 degrees, I went outside.  I did a two mile loop (1.987 miles) in 21 minutes.  I was really happy about that because I had to walk for a little bit because I just ran out of steam.

Then I made some Squash Soup...but we ordered pizza because Kevin came over and Chris and Kevin went to talk to Kevin's buddies at the auto shop about some weird nose our Saturn is making.  Turns out it is a $500 repair expense that doesn't need to be that is good.  I guess they did something to stop the noise. 

I think tonight I will dream about all the cool three ring binders I saw...oh!  and the Zebra paperclips.  If they weren't $3.49 I would have bought them.

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