Thursday, April 28, 2011

blue and brown bathroom!

i finished the bathroom last night. 

*i love it*

i kept going in there during the day today and staring at it.  what a difference a few coats of paint and a few well placed items (and a new shelf) can do!

here was before again..for the past 5.5 years, it has been white:

And here is after - note the brown trim near the ceiling - the picture doesn't do it justice:

The best angle I could get -- the bathroom is small...

My new shelf...I love it!

Evan stayed home with me, because I was home, and two, honestly, I am just sick and tired of his teachers telling me this or that -- even though I know it's their job! (lately they keep commenting that he may be sick).  So, I was like, okay, you are sick, you are staying home with Mommy...he did have a cough and sneeze or two today, and he did nap quite a long time this afternoon, but other than that, he was fine.  I guess that is just one of the downsides of daycare...hearing things you may not want to hear...  Although it keeps you from becoming one of those annoying SAHM's who talk constantly about how their kids are super-perfect and how busy they are with everything...some days you just want to hear that your child is the best kid in class and no one else can compare! 

he was playing choo-choos today.  He loves the train table...held himself up at it for over 30 minutes...then his little leggies started shaking and wobbling so I moved him to another toy... 

Tomorrow we will try again for some 9 month pictures...we went last Thursday, and my little happy Evan was scared to death of the lady that was taking his pictures...he took one look at her and wasn't having it!  We are going to try with a different lady this time, the same lady that did his 6 month pictures, to see if that helps.  Wish us luck!

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