Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy into Tuesday...

seriously....is it only Tuesday night?   I've had a week and I haven't even been working!  At least not at work...

Sunday was crammed full of fun -- Nathan woke up early to a visit from the Easter Bunny Sunday morning...I thought he would come running out to tell me about it, but instead he just started ripping into things...he was so excited!

Evan was his usual happy self...and had fun opening his first set of Cars cars!  (isn't he adorable?  seriously....)

After church, we went, as Nathan would say, to Grandma James...the Easter Basket there was so full of candy it almost broke!

He was starving for breakfast...hard boiled eggies! 

Evan at breakfast...

After that Grandma's, we went to the next Grandma's, and Nathan did some serious egg-hunting!

however, the highlight was this "bubble airplane thing" the bunny left for Nathan...he just played and played with it...and fell asleep with it that night...

On Monday I knew I needed to get that bathroom painted...it has been on my to-do list since early March...so I got up and headed to the Home Dumpo for some paint and got started...it still isn't done, but maybe tomorrow I will finish with the second coat? 

Daddy brought Nathan home a cookie the other night...seriously, it was as big as his head...seriously!!

Today I sewed all day long and then had dinner with friends..a totally awesome day considering the weather.  I finished the borders and backing on the below quilt...yae!!! done!  Considering I started this quilt in the Fall of 2006, it is long overdue! 

I also finally...FINALLY!! finished some blocks on my lovely star quilt...the picture doesn't do it justice I think...I have 31 blocks done...I think I need a gabillion more, but that is okay....just happy to make some progress!

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  1. I painted my bathroom this weekend too, not a great fun time, but it's done. Thank goodness for checking things off lists!